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Property is one of the most complex areas of law. Some of it is rooted in ancient laws ‚Äď but case law is constantly changing. The stakes are high, but research time is in short supply. Lexis+ Property brings all of the different sources you need together so you can find the answers you need, fast.

Transferring property

This topic includes a suite of Practice Notes and Precedents covering all aspects of the process of buying and selling land, including conditional contracts and contracts entered into by insolvency practitioners.

Leasing property

Commercial property is a staple for many property lawyers. Coronavirus has introduced changes for landlords and tenants ‚Äď we‚Äôve taken them and published a suite of precedent Pandemic lease clauses.

Property development

We have a broad range of Practice Notes and Precedents for this specialised and complex area. Structured logically ‚Äď site acquisition, vacant possession, structuring a development project, overage, and rights of light.

Property disputes

Clear, concise practice notes have direct links to relevant cases, legislation, guidance and commentary. Our daily news feeds and weekly highlights keep you informed of new cases, and legislation.

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On an application to assign (consent not to be unreasonably withheld) can a landlord require the assignee to covenant to comply with the terms of a concurrent lease of the premises that was granted after the lease?
A and B own real property as beneficial tenants in common in equal shares. B wishes to execute a declaration of trust over B's 50% beneficial interest in favour of B and C (who is not a legal owner). Could the new beneficial interests under the declaration of trust be registered against the legal title?
Where an overseas entity disposes of its only or last remaining UK property, it cannot make a s9 application for removal from the ROE until the registration of the transfer at HMLR is complete. In a rare situation where the transferee has not applied to register the transfer, what can the transferor do to compel the transferee to proceed and complete the registration as the overseas entity is keen to remove itself from the Register of Overseas Entities? Would an application to the Court/Tribunal be required under LRR 2003?
How does a Parish Council that does not have a common seal execute a deed such as a transfer or legal mortgage? Section 14(3) of the Local Government Act 1972 provides that where there is no common seal, a document can be signed and sealed by two members of the Council, but what does this mean? Would using the attestation clause ‚ÄėExecuted as a deed by X Parish Council by‚Äô‚Ķand then naming two authorised signatories whose signatures are witnessed count as ‚Äėsealing‚Äô by the individual members?
Does a parish council (not being an eligible council under the Localism Act 2011) have the power, when agreeing to transfer council property to a developer, to secure deferred consideration by a taking a legal charge over the property?

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